Intellectual Property Exploitation

The creative works of humans are protected by the law as intellectual property rights. The major rights are known as secret information, copyright, trademarks, patents, design rights and database rights.

Intellectual property rights can be owned and licenced. However, the legal work involved with intellectual property requires consideration of numerous other commercial agreements other than the assignment or licence agreements. They relate to confidentiality, research, development and manufacture.

One of the central challenges in exploiting intellectual property rights is the basis for valuing it. Sometimes it is the little items of creativity, which seem so straightforward, that can be worth the most. Other times an idea can take years years of research and development before any value can be obtained. We know very well that this issue alone can make it very difficult to know when to appoint a solicitor.

If you work with intellectual property rights and are uncertain on the legal issues then you should speak with a solicitor without delay.

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