Website and computer contracts

IT contracts can be as different as night and day. However, there are usually common themes and principles which need to be taken into account. For example, exactly when is a commercial agreement created and on whose terms?; who owns the intellectual property in the branding, design, database and software?; who is responsible for sub-contractor negligence?; and what happens if a dispute arises during the performance of services?

Often the legal advice required can be straightforward. For example, you might have won a high valued tender and are required to sign up to an unfamiliar and unwieldy document. We can provide a high level report on the issues so you can get comfort as to the legal commitment you are taking on.

Other times the advice may be more technical and involved. For example, you have agreed to provide services based on a mixture of payment types from fixed fees for certain work, fees based on time spent for other work; and a commission arrangement for other services. The contract may have high risks and so you may consider running the project through a new limited company. You may also require very bespoke provisions to be drafted, and require heavyweight style negotiation on terms.

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